For business or pleasure, fly on your schedule, stress-free, rapid, and safe with charter aircraft in Panama.

We offer safe, superbly maintained, insured airplanes and helicopters. With many years and thousands of hours of experience, pilots fly with your safety and comfort in mind.

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Creating memorable moments is a specialty. Consider a Panama Canal helicopter tour. The huge scope of the Canal can only be appreciated by air -- especially the new expansion.


Panama is fast becoming a hot destination by any definition of the term. Nightlife, scenery, history, restaurants, hotels, resorts, casinos, and other attractions along with the Canal await you here.

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Visiting San Blas  is as simple as a plane flight from Albrook to El Porvenir. From there, a boat ride to the island of your choice. (Note that the Kuna recently prohibited any helicopter landings in their Comarca except at approved airports.)

For those who simply wish to fly over the islands for spectacular views, we can arrange that too. Use either the high wing Kodiak for larger groups or the range of helicopters here in Panama.

San Blas is one of the most stunning destinations in Panama so contact us today for availability. When you inquire, be sure to specify where in San Blas you wish to go. It is quite a large area!

Why Charter?

Simply put, chartering an aircraft makes sense if you value your time, comfort, convenience, and money.

Economically speaking, if you plan on visiting multiple locations in Panama, then charter is an option worth exploring for the simple fact that the local airlines may not be able to get you to where you want to go in the most timely manner. This causes additional expenses such as meals and hotels for overnight stays while waiting for the next flight. Pedasi comes to mind, which has every other day service. Add in these additional costs to the trip and chartering becomes more attractive and indeed, possibly less expensive.

For most customers, the convenience of going when they want to go and being able to see more of the country are the biggest factors in their decision making process -- they simply want to travel in VIP comfort and convenience.

Whether for real estate investment evaluations, business or pleasure, chartering offers far more flexibility and convenience than airline travel.

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Quest Kodiak in El Porvenir, San Bals Islands

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